The security researchers also claimed they had created a modified version of Apple’s proprietary software development tool, Xcode, which could sneak surveillance backdoors into any apps or programs created using the tool. Xcode, which is distributed by Apple to hundreds of thousands of developers, is used to create apps that are sold through Apple’s App Store.

The modified version of Xcode, the researchers claimed, could enable spies to steal passwords and grab messages on infected devices. Researchers also claimed the modified Xcode could “force all iOS applications to send embedded data to a listening post.” It remains unclear how intelligence agencies would get developers to use the poisoned version of Xcode.

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Xfce 4.12 Released

Today, after 2 years and 10 months of work, we are pleased to announce the release of the Xfce desktop 4.12, a new stable version that supersedes Xfce 4.10.

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R.I.P. iPhoto

Photos for OS X, the modern photo library that Apple built from the ground up for Mac computers, is making its debut.

R.I.P. iPhoto.

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Microsoft’s buying Sunrise app for 100M

Sunrise calendar is getting snapped up by Microsoft for “at least $100 million.” The calendar app, which integrates sources diverse as Google Calendar and Trello project management and is available on Android, iOS, OS X, and the web, has carved out a niche for itself on the devices of many users.

Sunrise is one of my favourite app, guess I just have to find another calender app then.

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Attack on Telegram

if a super villain really wanted to intercept a secret chat, they can bet that their target just sends the fingerprint in-band over the newly established channel. That is what many users do, unfortunately. And because they’re a super-villain, they’ll intercept the other channel that their target may try to use, SMS for example, since the visual fingerprint can’t be verbally communicated unless the client also shows the fingerprint in readable form (most clients do not). The fingerprints are simply replaced with the super villain’s, and users would have to wait to meet in person to discover their communication was compromised.


Fake ‘The Interview’ Android App

But one of the illegal torrents making the rounds in South Korea poses as an Android app to download the movie. In reality the software is attempting to exploit the media frenzy surrounding The Interview by pushing an Android Trojan detected by McAfee products as Android/Badaccents.

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Life of a North Korean Defector

Mirim University produces most of the hackers that get placed in Bureau 121. It’s a highly competitive program, with each class accepting only about 100 students out of 5,000 applicants. They take six 90-minute classes every day, learning different coding languages and operating systems, from C to Linux. Jang says a lot of time was spent dissecting Microsoft programs, like the Windows operating system, and how to attack the overall computer IT systems of enemy countries like the US or South Korea.

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ChatOn Messaging Service to Be Shut Down

Android Central:

Samsung official as saying, “Samsung Electronics plans to exit from the mobile messaging market from region-to-region as part of corporate strategy to restructure unprofitable businesses and improve profitability.” Another unnamed Samsung official stated, “Samsung is on track to streamline its business units. From a business point of view, ChatOn isn’t a business that can show improvement in the future.”

Seriously, people use this shit?

Samsung vs Nvidia


Samsung Electronics Co. (005930) is seeking to block computer-graphics chips made by Nvidia Corp. (NVDA) from the U.S. market.

They wanted to block desktop chip too, this is crazy.

WhatsApp to provide end-to-end encryption

Whisper Systems:

Today we’re excited to publicly announce a partnership with WhatsApp, the most popular messaging app in the world, to incorporate the TextSecure protocol into their clients and provide end-to-end encryption for their users by default.

This is good news, we will see how it goes. Somehow I don’t really trust Facebook.

Apple Disables Trim Support On 3rd Party SSDs In OS X

Over the last few years, Apple has introduced features and adopted standards that made upgrading or using third-party hardware progressively more difficult. Now, with OS X 10.10 Yosemite, the company has taken another step down the path towards total vendor lock-in and effectively disabled support for third-party SSDs.

This is misleading, Apple have never supported TRIM on 3rd party SSDs.

We say “effectively” because while third-party SSDs will still work, they’ll no longer perform the TRIM garbage collection command. Being able to perform TRIM and clean the SSD when its sitting idle is vital to keeping the drive at maximum performance — without it, an SSD’s real world performance will steadily degrade over time. Exactly how far depends a great deal on workloads, available free space, and how much idle garbage collection the drive controller performs independently of the OS TRIM command.

To enable TRIM on 3rd party SSDs, install Trim Enabler.

World’s Youngest Microsoft Certificated Professional Is Five Years Old


Ayan Qureshi is now a Microsoft Certified Professional after passing the tech giant’s exam when he was just five years old.

C’mon, seriously?!

Ayan, now six, whose father is an IT consultant, has set up his own computer network at home.

He told the BBC he found the exam difficult but enjoyable, and hopes to set up a UK-based tech hub one day.

Visual Studio 2015 Goes Cross-Platform


Visual Studio 2015 will also take the next step along Microsoft’s path of making Visual Studio into a cross-platform development tool. Visual Studio 2013 took strides in this direction with its preview support for HTML5/Cordova apps, and with Xamarin, .NET developers can reach multiple platforms.

In Visual Studio 2015, that cross-platform reach is going to include C++, too. Microsoft’s development environment will include support for the Clang compiler and LLVM infrastructure for targeting Android and, in a later iteration, iOS.

This is huge, and naked ALM also found support for Java, ANT, SQL LITE, and WebSocket4web.

FreeBSD 10.1 Released


The FreeBSD Release Engineering Team is pleased to announce the availability of FreeBSD 10.1-RELEASE. This is the second release of the stable/10 branch, which improves on the stability of FreeBSD 10.0-RELEASE and introduces some new features.

A set of new features including: vt(4) a new console driver, support for FreeBSD/i386 guests on the bhyve hypervisor, support for SMP on armv6 kernels, UEFI boot support for amd64 architectures, support for the UDP-Lite protocol (RFC 3828) support on both IPv4 and IPv6, and much more.

Google’s Go Moving to GitHub


Mercurial has served us well, but it’s time to move on. The world today is quite different from the world then. Most members of the Go community use Git and host their work on GitHub, and we should join them. Thanks to the efforts of open source projects like Android, we now have access to a Git-based code review system that fits our workflow.

Microsoft Starts To Open Source .Net


Microsoft today announced plans to open source .NET, the company’s software framework that primarily runs on Windows, and release it on GitHub. Microsoft also unveiled plans to take .NET cross-platform by targeting both Mac OS X and Linux.

This is the new Microsoft, this will get more developers, and grow .Net ecosystem. This is Satya Nadella’s Microsoft.

Microsoft plans to open source the entire .NET server stack, from ASP.NET 5 down to the Common Language Runtime and Base Class Libraries. The company will let developers build .NET cloud applications on multiple platforms; it is promising future support of the .NET Core server runtime and framework for Mac and Linux.

I wonder what the license will be like.

Catastrophic Bug In Virtually All Versions Of Windows


every major TLS stack—including Apple SecureTransport, GNUTLS, OpenSSL, NSS, and now Microsoft SChannel—has had a severe vulnerability this year. In some cases, the flaws merely allowed attackers to bypass encryption protections, while others—most notably the Heartbleed bug in OpenSSL and the one patched Tuesday in Windows, allowed adversaries to steal highly sensitive data and execute malicious code on vulnerable systems respectively.

You should immediately install a patch Microsoft released.

Rumor HTC One (M9)

Additionally, the speculation has the HTC One (M9) powered by a Snapdragon 805 CPU, and the handset will have 3GB of RAM inside. There will be a unit offering 64GB of native storage, and one with 128GB of memory available. Android 5.0 is believed to be pre-installed. A larger capacity battery, an IP certification reading higher than the current model’s IPx3, and a higher MP camera on back are also believed to be part of the next flagship.

Sound interesting to me.